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Panda Products Sales Executive – WWF-Pakistan – Karachi

General Responsibility:
The overall responsibility of the Panda Products’ Sales Executive is to enhance and ensure the sales of products with in every possible range and set of venue/ place possible to achieve the desire target. Positions-03.

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Responsible to manage and maintain the inventory/ products
2. Ensure sale targets.Put up Panda products stalls at schools, malls and other identified places
3. Supervision of the maintenance enhancement and improvement of product sales
4. Develop, implement and sustain the terms with all the stake holders; essential to suffices the purpose. i.e School managements, distributors, mall/ event organizers
5. Keep record of the sale and reconcile it with the stoke management team and accounts
6. Responsible for coordination for financial and administrative matters and reporting to concern heads/ people
7. Prepare monthly workplans/ schedule and budgets of the campaign
8. Ensuring the campaign outputs are delivered as per the agreed timeline and targets
9. Identify and develop formal links between local distributors, schools, mall and event managements and to help increasing its sales.
10. Facilitate external and internal demand/ requirements of the products
11. Promote visibility of WWF through its wide range of panda products and its mission
12. Perform any other task assigned by the supervisor.

General Requirements:
A well-proven personal commitment to nature conservation;
An aptitude for team work; a willingness to work in harsh conditions and physical fitness to work for extended periods in a challenging physical and social environment;
Good report-writing skills (in English) and excellent computer literacy;
Maximum age limit 35 years;

Specific Requirements:
a. Good convincing and speaking power
b. Proven problem-solving skills and results oriented;
c. Good English language reading, writing and speaking skills;
d. Demonstrated interpersonal communication and advocacy skills;
e. Working experience in implementation of sales projects
f. A vibrant and amicable personality;

Selection Criteria:
a. Intermediate or a two years bachelor degree in marketing/ communication or related with Masters sales or advertising
b. Minimum 1-2 years working experience in product sale.

JDs for Sales Executive:
To work for the positive promotion and visibility of WWF-Pakistan
Regular field product stall placements at different potential places (Schools, malls)
Enhancing and increasing the products sales to achieve the given target
Conduct meetings with potential partners to enhance the product sales
Written and verbal reporting on progress on monthly basis
Follows all WWF-Pakistan policies and procedures
Undertakes any other tasks assigned by supervisor

Apply Online:

WWF-Pakistan is an equal opportunity employer.

WWF – Pakistan reserves the right to amend and upgrade these TORs from time to time, as may be required in the interests of the organization. Applications are received through WWF-Pakistan’s website: www.wwfpak.org.

About WWF-Pakistan

Pakistan contains a diverse topography of geographical features and is home to incredibly diverse flora and fauna. Over the last century, lack of understanding and awareness has led to human practices that have exploited the country’s natural resources without replenishing them. A growing population and increasing infrastructure needs have also led to the decimation of animal habitats and forests, and resulted in loss and endangerment of animal and plant species only found in Pakistan. With an urgent need for an organization to meet and counter these growing conservation and environment issues, WWF-Pakistan was formed in 1970.

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