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Choosing free cloud hosting for test purposes

I wanted to get acquainted with modern cloud services for a long time, however they were not used in my works, or they were not used in my department.

Pay for such an introduction of their means is not very desirable, and it all seemed quite difficult. A bunch of different tariff plans, something for free, but something for a fee.

However, in fact, everyone can figure this out and the most important thing is very easy. It’s so easy that you have to get your free cloud server right now. It remains only to choose which one.

This article will be very useful for those who have not yet used cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting for testing projects

Free cloud hosting can be used for various tasks:

  • Testing (you can install any software before implementing it on some working project).
  • Home project (you can pick up a web server, a database and all that is needed).
  • Monitoring (external monitoring of home computer or site).
  • Proxy / vpn (to bypass various locks, substitute the country for the necessary web portals).

Consider the most popular representatives of modern cloud services that provide “Free Tier”.

Microsoft Azure

  • 200 dollars for one month (up to fourteen virtual machines)
  • Free services after the end of the free period.

It is well suited for the usual one-time load testing of a large project before its launch in production.

Amazon Webservices

  • EBS: 30 GB of HDD or SSD to choose from (this can be used by your VM (that is, a virtual machine))
  • EC2: Instance t2.micro and 750 hours per month for the year.
  • CloudFront: CDN on 50 GB.
  • 15 GB of Internet traffic per month.
  • Other free services for the year and after the end of the free period.

That is, you can create a VM with 1 vCPU, 1 GB of RAM and up to 30 GB of disk per year for absolutely free. A similar configuration (but traffic of 2 TB) per month in Digitalocean today costs as much as 10 dollars, in Hetzner – 4.6 euros. Similar configurations in Scaleway and OVH – 3 euros, in Ihor and Simplecloud – 250 rubles. That is, for the year you will save from 3000 rubles or 36 euros.

Suitable for a typical test server, rare application as a proxy / vpn, external monitoring, own home project.

Google Cloud Platform

  • Instance f1-micro completely free forever (0.2 vCPU, 0.6 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 1 GB of Internet traffic per month)
  • 300 dollars a year (recently it was only for three months), enough for g1-small (0.5 vCPU, 1.7 GB of RAM, 30 GB SSD, 15 GB of Internet traffic per month).

Free VPS Ukraine is perfect for full external monitoring, home page or home demo project.


  • 100 dollars for two months.

This amount is enough to test which tariff plan is the most suitable for your project, as well as familiarize yourself with the DO management console.


  • The server is for 15 minutes, but registration is not required.

This time with great difficulty is enough to test the speed of disks, networks and the overall performance of the main processor.

Cloud hosting: what to practice

For all sites, you need to link the bank card number and phone number. In the event that the second for me is not at all critical, then as a card number, I prefer to specify a virtual card qiwi or Yandex money (so as not to accidentally get into large amounts). These cards are issued and re-issued for free.

For Amazon, you do not need to put money on the balance, only checking that the card is real by trying to withdraw money from the card and getting information from the bank that the card exists. My friend receives a new and free cloud server every year for such cards and test sims. This is bad and he should be very ashamed.

Let’s get the first cloud-based test server. I advise Amazon, since there are no problems with it. After all, least of all in the evening after work you want to fight with the registration system.


  • Go to aws.amazon.com/en/free/.
  • Register by specifying the card and phone number.
  • Wait until Amazon tries to withdraw about $ 1. In qiwi, you will see an attempt to withdraw.
  • Your account has been activated.
  • Go to your EC2 management console.


  • Go to cloud.google.com/free/.
  • Register by specifying the card and phone number.
  • Google complains that the card does not fit. You put 100 rubles on it and everything is ok.
  • A letter comes to the post office.
  • Go to your management console.

Further everything should be simple, but not with Google.

In the console does not work at all, even create a free perpetual server. “Our system has detected suspicious activity in the billing account. As a special precaution, we temporarily blocked this account. “

They ask for only two things:

  • Upload passport photo.
  • Upload a photo of a bank card.

Most likely, Google is thus protected from repeated registrations by users.

By sending a passport photo and a bank statement (in qiwi you can make an extract), you will receive a thank you from Google for the documents sent, but they still want to see the photo of your card. Send a photo of the virtual card from the monitor screen (the letter contains information that the photos of electronic documents are suitable).

Get thanks from Google for the documents sent, but virtual and prepaid bank cards are not accepted.

How did I get out of this situation?

I tried the card vtb24 (although it had expired in a month) – it did not fit. I ordered a Yandex Money card, waited a little while it reached me, but still the same error was issued. “An error occurred. Repeat your attempt later. “, While the funds are removed, and then returned after some time.

Now I have ordered an additional bank card of the Bank of Cyprus, I waited, again an error. It turned out that my friend had problems with the card Tinkoff. I never thought I would write anything, but I do not recommend using the cloud hosting service from Google.

By the way, most recently at work, CDN was required, how do you think that we chose Google or Amazon?

In the fight against Google, I went a few months, several bank cards and millions of neurons. I can not recommend this cloud service, moreover, I have written complaints to the FAS on Google ads more than once, which misleads the user.

Did special screenshots, as well as quoted the terms of use of this service, but did not send. Leave this decision for tomorrow, and then let go. While I collected the necessary documents for the complaint, it dawned on me what it was.

What was the problem

Immediately after the introduction of the so-called “tax on Google” (according to which it and other foreign organizations must pay VAT for users), Google simply changed the type of accounts from natural persons to legal ones in order to outweigh the duties from themselves to users. However, I probably forgot that his offer “300 dollars for twelve months” can only be used by an individual.

As a result, on the one hand we get the usual advertising, in which the possibility of choosing the individual is blocked, and on the other hand, where it says that nothing shines for us.

On the third side, instead of some normal answer, that it’s simply impossible, we get some unreadable errors. “An error occurred. Please try again later. Error code: OR-IEH-01. “During card binding.

To be honest, I did not expect such a setup from Google. There was no desire at all to try this service.

After this story, I put my article on a pause and returned to it after a few months. I could still figure out how to get to know their site without using a free period. It is worth noting that while you are making attempts to unlock your account, in order to use them at the same time, the reverse report reduces the number of days in all.

It is enough simply to abandon the completely free period and confirm the consent to payment. At once there is an opportunity completely completely to use the console for free and to create a lifetime free server.

When installing different packages, remember that you only have 1 GB of traffic per month.

I really hope that this article will be useful, and the time spent on it was definitely not in vain.

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